E 326g

On-the-car brake lathe for passenger cars and light trucks


  • High speed cutting with 112 rpm reduces operation time and enhances shop capacity.
  • Ideal when brake discs need great expense for removal
  • Less warranty complaints = higher customer satisfaction and better reputation.
  • Better braking performance through perfect seat and grip between pad and disc surface.
  • Universal adapter flange for mounting on almost all vehicle types and brands
  • Suitable for dismounted brake discs as well as for brake drums and for flywheels, the E 326g can also be used as a bench lathe.

Useful for

  • Turning of brake discs on the vehicle
  • Turning of brake discs off the vehicle (optional)
  • Turning of flywheels (optional)
  • Turning of brake drums (optional)

The extended version of the success model E 326a for machining brake discs up to 410 mm.

  • Ideal when brake discs need great expense for removal
  • Machining rotors on the car is the only method to eliminate customer
    comebacks from pedal pulsation and noise.
  • The E 326g is also perfect for discs with rust deposits after a lengthy
    storage and for discs where the removal is time consuming e.g. on
    captured discs.
  • The E 326g with the highest disc turning diameter 410 mm easily fits on brakes of all cars/trucks like SUV, 4WD vehicles, Pick-up, high performance cars and even tuning kits.
  • Easy operation and perfect results regarding surface finish, parallelism and lateral runout of the brake disc.
  • Brake discs are machined on both sides in one operation, even on heavy cuts.
  • Intermittent feed for a nondirectional finish eliminates noise
  • Suitable for dismounted brake discs and  for brake drums and even for flywheels, the E 326g can be also operated as bench lathe.

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Max. brake discØ 410 mm
Max. brake disc thickness 45 mm
Slide travel radial 315 mm
Slide travel axial 115 mm
Spindle speed and feed
Spindle speed112 rpm
Feed ("intermittent") 0-0,25 mm/rev
Electrical equipment
Total connected load0,55 kW
Supply vortage400V (230V) three-phase
230V (115V) single-phase
Frequency50 (60) Hz
Power supply fuse rating 16 A
Type of enclosureIP 54
Dimensions and weight
L x B x H
Space required with
storage cabinet
780 x 300 x 670 mm
Space required
Machine and working
area LxW
1,0 x 1,0 m
Weight: Machine with standard
including packing
55 kg
Machine weight 32 kg
Noise emissionThe workplace emission value taken in free area at a distance of 1 m from the machine surface according to DIN EN 31201 (at max. power volume), was without suction 71 dB (A) under full load.
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